Planning for Creativity
Our design process allows us to have full creativity in design
and yet be able to deliver and implement that design with ease.
Design Concept
Data Collection
A data collection stage, accumulating all design intents by the architect, users wants and needs and all functional aspects of the project.

This stage sets the direction of the project. Concepts and Mood boards are determined at this stage.

Layout arrangement
Planning, layout and arrangements as well as spatial functions are determined and developed.

A detailed layout of all internal elements, including fixed and loosed items as well as interior architectural items are itemized and labels.

Audit + Sourcing
Itemized breakdown and categorized for costings, budgetting and implementation. The works are separated according to type and trade.

Sourcing of materials and items required.

Master working schedule incorporated all types of works/ trades to the targeted completion date.

Itemized breakdown act as a financial control check list and shopping list for implementation stage

Elegant and Practical
Unique designs for all our clients that are
both aesthetically pleasing and yet practical

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